5 Healthy Food Swaps You Can Do Right Now

A complete diet overhaul can seem like a radical change to some individuals who want to get healthier and shed a few pounds. Often just a few changes to a diet can have a profound impact upon weight loss. Below we take a look at some food swaps that can help set you on your way and leave your diet instantly healthier:

Swap Sugary Cereals For Porridge

The TV is awash with adverts showing young children delighted as they receive their morning cereal from mum (great marketing ploy when your children are watching their favourite pre-school cartoons). Unfortunately, the vast majority of these cereals contain eye wateringly high levels of sugars which spike insulin levels. An immediate burst of energy is followed by a mid-morning slump and craving for more sugar, which creates a snowball effect and causes weight gain. Opting for porridge for breakfast is a smarter choice – it contains high levels of fibre and has a low Glycaemic Index, meaning energy is released steadily, keeping you full for longer, and cravings at bay.

Swap Refined Grains With Whole Grains

White bread and pasta should be out, with their brown brothers coming in. Brown grains contain fibre, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and tonnes more nutrients that are taken out in the process to make the grains white.  Therefore the nutritional value of white grains are low and because they don’t contain the fibre and those other nutrients that are present before they are refined, they are digested very quickly, causing a blood sugar spike and higher insulin levels.

Swap Potatoes For Sweet Potatoes

Both potatoes and sweet potatoes have benefits, but pound for pound sweet potatoes are a better choice. They are an extremely tasty vegetable and are extremely nutritious. High in vitamin A, vitamin C, sweet potatoes contain more fibre and fewer calories than the traditional spud.

Swap Beer and wine For Gin & slim line Tonic

Like a few drinks down the pub with friends, but don’t want to develop a sandbag like paunch? Swap your beer for a gin and slim line tonic. Beer is high in carbohydrates and comes in at around 250-300 calories per pint, whereas a gin and tonic will tick over at around 80 calories. After three or four drinks, the calorie differences soon add up.

Replace Crisps & Cereal Bars With Nuts

Substituting nuts into your daytime snack as opposed to crisps or cereal bar, will have a big effect on your hunger levels and your waist size. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios contain healthy fats which are an essential part of a balanced diet. Fatty foods generally have a high satiety value, whilst crisps etc. are empty calories, leaving you forever hungry and wanting more.

Five simple changes, but adjustments that can have a positive effect on your vitality and wellbeing. The majority of the alterations involved substituting simple carbohydrates with healthier alternatives. Pastries, cakes, and sugary treats taste so good at the time, but leave us so bloated we look like we have a bowling ball stuffed down our tops. What is more, they are addictive and increase our insulin levels which can lead to diabetes. Sticking to nutritious, low sugar and unrefined food is the way forward.

An excellent way to identify if your diet needs just some minor tweaks or a significant makeover is to work with a personal trainer.